Plan A Stay With Your Doggo

Stayz is Australia’s original holiday rental website and features more than 50,000-holiday rentals for you to explore in destinations you love. Stylish Hound is proud to announce a partnership until the end of the year with the crew at Stayz, who have over 9,000 dog-friendly holiday homes for you and your best friend to get away to! They've also put together three limited-edition puppy playhouses, each one exclusive to a holiday home in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. Grab you and your pooch some stylish travel gear, browse the range of locations Stayz has on offer, and get set to go on the all-Australian adventure of a lifetime. 

Travel Australia With Your Dog

Travelling hasn’t been easy for the last couple of years, and your patient puppy has had to put up with you in the meantime. They deserve a break as much as anyone, and over two million Aussie dog owners agree with us! That’s how many people plan on taking their dogs for a holiday this year. It’s safe to say that demand is high. 

 Luckily, Stayz has more than nine thousand dog friendly homes ready to house you and your furry friend for as long as need be. Whether you’re after a house in Hobart, a cottage in Kalbarri, or a central Victorian villa, you’ll find the stay of your dreams. Pick a date and book well in advance - we can promise you that’s essential, because people and pooches all over the country are keen to get going months in advance!

Keep Your Pup Safe With A Dog Car Seat

Once you have your getaway organised, you’ve got to prepare for the trip. If you’re getting off the beaten track, chances are you’ll find yourself driving from A to B at some point. Some dogs are car mad, some behave themselves, and some begin to play up once they find themselves on the road. No matter what, you’ve got to keep your best friend safe. That means getting them somewhere to sit and sleep while you’re on the move. 

 A Stylish Hound 2-in-1 Travel Car Seat is the perfect way to make sure your pup is travelling in safety and style. Keep your canine calm and comfortable in the car, reducing your stress and theirs. The Isofix belt connects your dog’s seat to the car, holding them firmly in place. One side clips down to get rid of the gap between car seats, preventing your pooch from slipping around as you turn and brake. When you make it to your Stayz accommodation, bring it inside and your pooch can enjoy their cosy sleepover on their car seat turned dog bed. Unclip all four sides and flatten it out, turning this dog bed into a full-sized lounge. 

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