Train your fur babies with dog training clickers

      Dog clickers are a great way to get your pooch’s behaviour in tip-top shape. Simple yet effective, dog clicker training helps reward good behaviour through repetition and association that’s easy to understand.

      But is a trainer clicking worth it? We say yes. The clicker communicates the exact moment your dog does what you want, and by doing it repeatedly, your dog will understand exactly what good behaviour is. 


      Is a clicker good for dog training?

      Clicker training follows the same methodology as positive reinforcement training, with the added benefit of a clicker. 

      When dogs hear the click, it means they’ve done the behaviour you have asked them to and will be rewarded with a treat. By repeatedly using a clicker during training, dogs will be able to understand your commands quicker and better. Clicker training is totally harmless.


      What age should you start clicker training for dogs?

      You can start clicker training as early as eight weeks old. However, every dog is different and the timing to start training can depend on their breed, age and gender. If you start training them as a puppy, you’ll need to be extra patient as they make take longer to understand your behaviours.

      Do dogs learn faster with clickers?

      This depends on their breed, age and gender. Every dog is different. Some prefer verbal cues. Others like the use of hand signs. So there’s no definitive answer. 

      Dogs don’t necessarily learn faster with clickers per se, as positive reinforcement training overall requires lots of patience and repetition from both parties. That said, the sound of a clicker may help them understand more easily what is good behaviour versus bad behaviour.


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