School is in session with our training dog halter

      At Stylish Hound, we created a gentle training dog halter that keeps your pooch manageable around other humans and hounds. It’s the perfect accessory to help train dogs that love to pull and require a little more attention.


      What is a dog halter?

      A dog head halter consists of a strap that goes around your dog’s nose and one that goes gently around its neck, just behind the ears.

      When your fur baby begins to pull, the halter causes the dog’s nose to be turned down or back toward you. This makes it physically difficult for them to keep pulling. This unique feature is excellent for anxious or reactive dogs, as it keeps their attention on you.

      Note: This is not a muzzle. Our halter requires positive introduction and desensitization to ensure that your hound has become used to its head collar before putting it into practice.


      Why do dogs need a head halter?

      A dog halter is a great training tool for dogs who love to pull and require extra training. It’s also good for bigger and stronger dogs, where pulling can become a hazard for both of you.

      Having extra control of your dog’s head not only helps to reduce pulling, but also distributes the physical strengths between owner and dog more evenly. That said, do not ever use brute force or yank with this tool, as it could be painful to your dog.

      For additional support, you can use this halter in combination with the no pull harness, chest plate and collar.


      Is a dog head halter comfortable for dogs?

      The best dog halter is the one that is comfortable for daily wear, which is what the Stylish Hound team set out to create! The padded nose bridge is gentle and secure, padded with neoprene for extreme comfort. Meanwhile the under-chin cord stopper firmly stays in place no matter how much they move.

      Note: Only use this outside and during training. This should not be used all day and is strictly a training assistance tool.


      Buy gentle dog halter, designed in Australia

      All of our dog head halter designs have a padded nose bridge, silky smooth side thread, under chin cord stopper and lead ring. We’ve even added a safety clip to connect the dog halter to the collar for extra security. The fabric is even made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

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