Grub’s up! Stylish Hound creates fun, modern products that lend a helping hand towards your fur family running a little smoother and safer. Our lick mat is just what you need if you’re hoping to help that hungry hound slow down and eat their food more mindfully. Eating slower is not only safer but also aids your doggy in digesting their nutrients better than they would if they were just chowing down at their regular rapid pace. Our food grade silicone dog lick mats stick to your floor, tiles or cupboards and act as an exciting and engaging activity to keep that pup occupied when you’re busy doing the serious human side of things!

      These nifty lick mats for dogs can also help if they’re not so keen on getting groomed or being examined, the mental stimulation helps fur babies to stay calm and cool. Choose from a range of fun and vibrant colours to add to the warmth of your fur family dwelling. Stylish Hound’s dog lick mats are simple and easy to use and to clean, making for the perfect indoor accessory.