Who said cruise control was just for cars? Now you can put your pooch on autopilot with our stylish collection of Cruise Control Obedience Leashes. Available in an array of colours and designs, Stylish Hound’s obedience leashes are for dogs determined to do their own thing. Whether your pooch is easily excitable or likes to play tug-of-war with the lead, we built these accessories for maximum control with minimal effort. We owe this all to the ruched elastic function.

      Made from 100% recycled materials, these seriously stylish accessories protect humans and hounds alike. When your dog bolts or pulls away suddenly, this is when the Cruise Control activates. Our built-in elasticised bungee prevents jumping and jolting with its shock-absorbent material. Coupled with a comfortable neoprene handle, Cruise Control Obedience Leashes bear the brunt of your dog’s movement, ensuring a harmless—rather than armless—walk for the both of you. Available in an assortment of designs both colourful and monochromatic, your pooch won’t stray far away with one of these bad boys. Browse our range of wag-worthy designs so that you can keep your pooch in line—literally—in the most stylish way possible. Will you go with our monochromatic Detour design, or turn everyone green with envy with an Emerald City leash? Decisions, decisions.