Did someone say ‘bath time’? Or better yet—’beach day’? Whichever way you’re hitting the water, be sure to bring along you dog robe. These super-absorbent microfibre miracles take to a dog’s shape like a duck to...well, water. Wrap it around your furry best pal and feel the fabric dry within minutes of being moistened. Ranging from sizes extra small to extra large, these dog robes are sure to suit canines of all shapes and sizes!

      What makes these dog towel robes so great? Well, not only do they save the car from wet dog smell, but they’re also super low-maintenance. To wash these robes, simply throw them in the washing machine and—voilà!—good as new. You’ll be so glad you undertook the upkeep, as you’ll always want one available after bath time. No longer will your floors bear the brunt of post-bath spillage.

      Did we mention they come in several different designs? Keep things classic with our signature Evergreen or Jackson designs—which are already ingrained throughout the Stylish Hound online store—or try a new pattern, such as the leafy green Verano.

      Ranging from aquatic to exotic, your dog is sure to find their fit—and look super stylish in it! Pair your adorable new robe with a matching swim jacket and your dog will be the slickest puppy this side of the beach (or pool)!