Keep your pooches comfortable during adventures with chest plates

      Dogs love a good adventure, so ensure they’re comfortable with our chest plates and chest plate dog harness. 

      At Stylish Hound, our chest plates are Y-shaped to create an even, secure fit while offering dog owners full control during their daily walks. The front clip also enables a no pull function to reduce pulling.


      What are chest plates?

      Chest plates are a safe and secure type of harness. What’s different with a dog chest plate is that these harnesses are designed to protect the chest and ribs area, while still offering them full movement even when leashed.

      It’s perfect for dogs of all sizes, especially active breeds that require a bit more support and control when walking. Chest plates are comfy and cushiony, allowing for all-day wear whether you’re going for a walk or a forest adventure. 


      Are chest plates better than a normal harness?

      Chest plates are part of the dog harness family. Often, they have a more durable, cushier support that better protects the chest and ribs of your furbaby.

      One of the best things about a chest plate is that it’s not like a dog collar – it removes tension from the neck and can prevent long-term damage to that sensitive area. The best chest plates mould to the natural shape of your dog's chest, allowing for maximum comfort. 

      They are also great to use in combination with a halter or martingdale collar for extra control.

      Are dog chest plates comfortable for dogs? 

      The answer is yes! We make ours with two layers of silky neoprene along with padded straps so every adventure is as enjoyable as the last one. Because it’s not near the neck area, dogs are able to pull without hurting themselves.

      However, if your dog pulls too much, you may want to consider our specialised no pull dog harness that discourages tugs and pulls. And if they’re still in training, you could also use a halter and safety clip when outside. But if your fur baby is adventuring to a special event, a bow tie is the perfect touch!


      Treat your furry friend to our functional chest plates

      At Stylish Hound, our chest plates are made with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester fabric. Featuring two layers of silky neoprene for ultimate comfort, our designs come with front and back attachment options too, making it the perfect choice for those seeking style and support in one.