Keep your dogs safe and secure with martingdale collars

      Do your dogs constantly slip out of their collars? The martingdale collar will be your saving grace then. 

      With a loop-on-loop system, the clever design ensures your pooch won’t be suddenly slipping away whenever you go for walks. Not only is it a safe training tool, but it also features an adjustable fit so the collar doesn’t get too tight or choke your dog.


      What does a martingale collar do?

      The Martingale Collar contains two loops. The first is a large loop where a dog’s head goes in. The second small loop has a D-ring which tightens the collar only when your dog is pulling.

      When connected with a lead, the small loop adjusts the length of the collar whenever your fur baby pulls, ultimately tightening the collar to prevent it from slipping off their head. Martingdale collars are especially beneficial for dogs with narrow necks and heads, like Greyhounds.


      Can you leave a martingale dog collar on all the time?

      We recommend not leaving a martingdale collar on all the time due to its tightening capabilities. If your dog is left unattended wearing one, they may accidentally tighten it themselves which can potentially become a choking hazard.

      Of course, collars are still important for identification and putting on dog tags. Check out our range of dog collars. Or if you need even more support when walking your dog, take a look at our no pull harnesses and multi-function leash.

      Do vets recommend martingale collars?

      Many vets consider martingdale collars to be safe, but only under supervision and during walks. They do not recommend it for everyday all-day wear, as they can potentially become choking hazards if your pooches are left unattended.


      Shop comfortable and stylish martingdale collars, designed in Australia

      At Stylish Hound, we create our martingdale collars with 100% recycled plastic and materials. Our functional martingdale collars include a neoprene pad, providing maximum comfort and support for dogs of every size. Plus, it has a lockable buckle for extra security and an adjustable fit for tightening and loosening when needed.

      With this accessory, you no longer have to worry about any disappearing acts! Your dog will stay safe and secure.