Picture this - You are driving around the country on a month-long road trip, enjoying the sights and sounds with your pup snoozing comfortably in the back seat. Having your best friend along for the ride can make for quite an adventure for both of you if they are kept happy, safe, and secure.


The best way for a dog to travel in a car is to ensure they are properly restrained and that they feel super comfortable and relaxed on the ride. Our stylish hound car seat belts secure firmly to your dog’s harness and to your car’s seat belt buckle to prevent them from jumping or making any big movements. Furthermore, the benefit of this attachment to their harness is that in the event of sudden changes of speed or worse still, an accident, the pulling force is spread out to your pup’s chest and back, not just their neck- ensuring maximum safety for all in the car.


Another thing you can do to ensure a smooth-sailing ride is to invest in a comfortable stylish hound car seat to keep your pup relaxed. For timid cuties who may experience car anxiety and motion sickness will find a car seat to be a protective den which will ease their travel fears. Not only will this prevent your pup from jumping to the front, it can also protect your car’s upholstery!


It bears repeating that dogs are, in essence, furry, overgrown toddlers. If you go anywhere with them, there’s gonna be fidgeting as well as mess. This does not bode well with your car: your non-furry, non-sentient other babies. Luckily, Stylish Hound has your car covered—literally—with our range of car seat covers. A durable, padded oxford canvas cover will take the scratches, rips, wear and tear, and general muck that cars cannot bounce back from. Our car seat covers also come with a travel bag to put all your bits and bobs!