While the ideal situation is spending all day with our dogs and puppies, the reality is that enrichment toys are a saving grace for when you need to pop out for errands or commute to work. Dog enrichment toys will give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is occupied with something safe and fun.


This helpful guide outlines which enrichment toys are for large and small dogs – we recommend trialling a few and seeing what works for your dog, as not every dog will respond the same to certain toys.

Snuffle Mat

Sniffing is incredibly beneficial for dogs and essential for their wellbeing. After all, it’s their prized possession. According to research, dog experts tell us that 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hour’s walk. Snuffle mats are an excellent enrichment toy for dogs if you live in an apartment or prefer to have your dog inside.

Even if your pup has a busy schedule full of feeds, walks, playtime and cuddles, use a snuffle mat to hide their favourite treats to sniff and find. Using energy as they sniff will help calm them down throughout the day, so you may even come home to find your dog napping after a day of sniffing.

Lick Bowl Slow Feeder

Dogs love to eat and have a big appetite, so you’ll regularly see them practically inhaling their food as soon as it arrives. Our lick bowl slow eater is made from silicone, non-toxic, and food-grade for safety. Alternatively, you can use a lick mat that suctions onto floors, tiles and cupboards as a stimulating indoor activity.

Lick bowls encourage slower eating habits, which aids in better digestion overall. Moreover, if your dog is timid and dislikes being groomed, a lick bowl calms them down and distracts them while you bathe, brush their fur or clip their nails.