Dog Grooming Tips For After Walks

Here at Stylish Hound, we know that walk-walkies are an essential part of the hooman/dog relationship. Our in-house beagle, Bagel, loves walkies so much that we created theNo-Pull Harnessinhis honour! Doggies need walkies on the daily. How much exercise they need will depend upon the breed.(As a general rule of thumb, dogs will need between 30 minutes to two hours of exercise per day. Thirty minutes to an hour of exercise will likely suffice for a smaller dog, whilst larger dogs will benefit from any duration between one and two hours. The more you know!)

After all that exercise, your dog is sure to have picked up somelovelysouvenirs along the way. Depending on the location of your walk, outcomes will vary, but dogs don’t shy away from germ-carrying phenomena like dirt and mud (most have no issue drinking from mud puddles!), stray poop (which, for the record, dog owners should always pick up! They should check out ourbiodegradable poop bags), dead critters, and natural debris including grass or sticks—especially if it carries the scent of another dog. Whether it’s physical grime or microscopic bacteria, we’ll bet that your dog’s walkies collateral is not welcome in the house. Hence the importance of post-walk dog grooming!

Take your grooming supplies and poop bags on walks

Ever wanted to bring your grooming supplies, poop bags, or any otherdog-walking essentialswith you on walks? Now you can, thanks to ourTraining Treat PouchesandAdventure Kits. These nifty little pockets of convenience keep your human anddog-walking accessoriesall in one place, depending on your dog’s needs. Our Training Treat Pouches are available in a variety of different colours and prints. Buy one of our Ultimate Training Kits and you’ve got everything you need for a doggo in training. From clickers and tug toys to poop bags and Night Glow lights, we have your training essentials covered. Our Training Treat Pouches have compartmentalised pockets, including a back pocket, so that you can zip-lock your valuables in security.

Our Adventure Kits are two-parter accessories comprising of a (detachable) pouch and your choice of a waist or cross-body bag. Some folks appreciate that the cross-body bag wears like a traditional handbag. Others prefer the convenience of having their grooming supplies and dog-walking accessories immediately in front of them. Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered—especially when it comes to colour. Our detachable pouches are available in an array of colours, from apple green to tangerine and many colours in between. 

For optimal enjoyment, we recommend the Complete Adventure Kit, which also comes with a doggy water bottle and four rolls of our biodegradable poop bags (totalling 60 individual bags). Like the Training Treat Pouches, the waist/cross-body bags contain compartmentalised pockets both internal and external, zip-locked for your protection (and also to ensure that your human accessories don’t mix with your dog-walking accessories). Our Adventure Kits are another convenient way to take your grooming supplies—such as a comb or brush, nail clippers, and tweezers—with you wherever you go. 

Getting pooped yet?

By now, you’ve probably noticed us name-drop our biodegradable poop bags throughout this article. Contrary to the theme at hand, these are some droppings we have no intention of cleaning up. A lot of poop bags are a double-whammy of environmentally unfriendly: bacteria-ridden waste wrapped in plastic—a material that takes hundreds of years to break down. There’s not a whole lot we can do about your dog’s little messes, but we can do something to lessen environmental impact—and that’s by making our poop bags biodegradable and compostable. 

Made from corn starch, these beauties are as aesthetically pleasing as they are eco-friendly. Available in four different designs, these bags will break down within three months of being composted. That’s a huge win for the environment! Get your hands on some of the best dog poop bags around. They’re available in packs of 30, 60, 120, and 240. And remember that the bigger the pack, the greater the value.