Struggling to find engaging yet effective ways to communicate with your dog? What if we told you that all you need is a Stylish Hound clicker, a Stylish Hound training pouch filled with your pup’s favourite treats, and you’ll elevate your training sessions with your dog in no time. Clicker training may not be as easy as A.B.C… but it’s close enough! It’s ‘click’, ‘reward’, and ‘repeat’!

As the name suggests, clicker training is positive reinforcement training using a clicker. The clicker operates like a ‘marker’ for your dog to connect certain behaviour with a positive response or behaviour.

But how does clicker training work? The clicker tells your dog exactly which behaviour you’re rewarding by “marking” the moment your dog did what you wanted. It works especially well for dogs who are not as food motivated or when you wish to transition out of using treats. It’s as simple as that! With some time, patience, love and consistent timing, your pup will slowly build a connection between the click and prompt reward.


✰ A simple yet consistent marker for while training your pet and it can be incorporated into any training exercise.

✰The clicker replaces a verbal marker. 

✰ Easy to use and store as a small device with an easy wrist band for while handling your pet or rewards


🐾 Be consistent while clicker training your pet 

🐾 Always reward your pet with positive reinforcement 

🐾 Click once (in-out.) if you want to express special praise, use in conjunction with treats to start. Do not increase the number of clicks.


Start by just using clicker and food.

Click > reward > click > reward.

Once the dog understands that the clicker = reward, then you bring in a cue to start the training work with your dog.

Tip: Make it fun for your dog!

When your dogs respond appropriately to any cue, immediately sound the clicker and follow with a treat reward. Repeat the exercise until your dog learns the cue. 

Tip: Ensure you are prompt.