Taking your dog on daily walks should be just that, you take your dog on a walk and not the other way around. Having a dog that constantly drags you around by pulling on its leash can make daily walks unpleasant and at times, feel more like a water-skiing activity. However, with the right tools, consistency and treats up your sleeve, you can correct this behavior, and who knows, daily walks with your furry bestie may suddenly become the highlight of your day.


① Invest in a well fitted front leading harness

② Set up a routine with short training sessions focusing on loose leash walking skills 

③ Use your dog's favourite treats. Keep the rate of reward high and frequent to start with


Using high-value treats is an effective reward for your dog to associate good walking skills with positive and yummy things!

④ Reward when your dog turns towards you and/or head check with you when they start to pull.

⑤ When your dog pulls ahead, stop and guide them back to walk next to you. Reward when they are in a good walking position and/or head checks with you. Repeat.

⑥ Make your training sessions fun and engaging with your dog!