How to Reduce Stress & Anxiety in Pets

An anxious dog will find ways to calm themselves and by this, we mean the possibility of chewing up our shoes, furniture, and basically anything they can sink their teeth into. Many of us have been fortunate to have extra bonding time with our furry bestie whilst working from home during the pandemic, however, this may have inevitably created separation anxiety when we finally have to return to life as normal.

So how do we prepare our pets for when we do return to the office and prevent them from destroying the house?


"To help relax your dog and set them up for success, start building independence and setting boundaries early.

 Enrichment tools such as snuffle mats, lick mats, and go slow bowls can help be a boredom buster and a way to help our dogs to relax while working for their meals and snacks.

It is important to enroll in a reputable puppy preschool course for your pup before their critical window finishes at 16 weeks. If your dog is a teenager or adult, it’s a great idea to reach out to a reputable trainer to get professional advice to set some boundaries and structure."

Enrichment tools are also great for hounds who like to gobble their grub up in seconds and will absorb their nutrients better. Timid cuties who don't necessarily love their grooming routines (think bathing, nail clipping, brushing) will be calmed. Furthermore, the act of licking releases endorphins in your dog’s brain which makes them feel happy yet calm at the same time. A win-win situation for all! All pups will benefit from a little mental stimulation. It is also quick and easy to clean in warm dishwater.

If you are worried about your dog's anxiety levels or they may be developing anxiety, reach out to a professional dog trainer or veterinary behaviourist for advice.